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…We had Heritage Solar guys here today installing panels on the roof and preparing to replace the electrical; service panel. When they left things seemed normal – but later the air conditioner would not work – no matter what I tried. It was sweltering in the house and office. Frustration reigns in a situation such as this.

I emailed Heritage people – about 7:30 or 8:00 pm that evening – and within a half hour there was someone at my door – to troubleshoot the problem. He checked the system from beginning to end of the circuits in the air conditioning system. Patiently dealing with my problem. Then, humbling as it was, it was discovered the problem was a fuse on a circuit board in the air handler closet. The was most probably not the fault of the Heritage personnel on my roof. I stated that this was not a Heritage fault and the responsibility did not fall to them, and I was willing to pay for the service call. The A/C company would surely have hit me significantly, but the Heritage tech said he didn’t believe there were coincidences many times in these cases, and would not accept payment – his troubleshooting revealed the problem and he did not accept payment.

I do everything I can to keep my clients satisfied. I don’t think I could do better than Heritage did in this case. I am awed. If you want a company that cares about satisfying their customers, I don’t think you could ever do better than Heritage Solar.

You can use my letter publicly, and you can even have potential customers call or email me regarding this.

Thanks so much – I am still in awe of the unreasonably good care and service from Heritage

Ed G.Irvine, CASee More Reviews

After crunching all the numbers it was clear that we were going solar.  The only question was, “Who was going to help us get there?”  We talked with about five local installers, got estimates from all five and formal bids from two.  Heritage Solar was so thorough in their process and straightforward about costs, performance, and schedules it was ‘no contest.’  Working with Dennis has been a pleasure the whole way.  The install was flawless – on time, on budget – and the performance of the system has exceeded our expectations, while *very closely* matching Heritage’s performance estimates.  The reduced electricity bills are great but absolute best part is watching the meter go backwards.  We are very glad we made the decision to go with Heritage.

Alan K.Install was flawless - on time, on budget

From start to finish, the team at Heritage answered every question and solved every issue. Note that I said team, not company, not contractors, not bunch of guys. The leadership starts with Dennis, who personally stepped up to resolve some issues. It carries to the sales team that gave me the most cost effective (not the most expensive) option based on my roof size and needs. When detailed technical questions came up, the sales rep did not make up answers, but said I will get that answer for you., and then the team delivered. Finally, when the instillation team arrived, they were: on time, on cost, clean, and courteous. Finally, after instillation, they followed up to make sure things were OK. One day my data link went down do to PC problem in my office, and Heritage called up because they were showing the system was off the grid. Outstanding customer service: before, during and after.

Richard M.Outstanding service at every step, on time, on cost

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