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Coming Soon with Heritage Solar and Sunpower

Homes located in Irvine, El Dorado Hills, and San Diego, CA, will be able to use their own green energy with solar power systems and will be able to store the energy that is created, thanks to Heritage Solar installations and SunPower solar panels.

Solar power is available for homebuyers in many communities, with SunPower’s highly efficient home solar systems being offered for new houses. Heritage Solar, as a Premier SunPower dealer, can easily install these solar panels. Heritage Solar installations allow homes to be completely independent of their electrical provider. Power can be stored, used at night, and is available during power outages.

This new storage of solar power technology is for homeowners and to demonstrate to prospective solar customers how they could use this new technology to take advantage of their high performance SunPower Systems.

Heritage Solar can install SunPower solar panels, allowing homeowners to have access to power even when the grid goes out and allows homeowners to manage their electrical costs and usage. This will help consumers as the demand for solar powered devices or homes want to use electricity at night, when solar isn’t producing power.

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California’s Competitive Advantage

Solar and Energy Efficiency create a Competitive Advantage

Since the 1970s, California has led the way for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy.  While a lot of detractors would claim that the high electric rates in California create a negative business environment, we believe that the opposite is true.  California energy consumption has remained relatively flat for the last 40 years while the rest of the States have nearly doubled their electric use per capita.

While this seems reasonable, it doesn’t take into account what could happen as energy supplies are constrained while energy consumption worldwide increases.

Increasing energy costs should give the business environment advantage to the most efficient States and the States with the highest renewable portfolio.

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Battery Storage is Allowed with Net Metering

Changes To Net Metering Rules in California

For the past year, California Utilities have been pushing back against battery backup systems.  The future of battery backup systems in California have been in doubt until now.

According to the California Solar Industries Association (CALSEIA) of which Heritage Solar is a member:

“Earlier today, the California Public Utilities Commission voted to finalize the decision on the interconnection of solar systems paired with energy storage systems under net metering.

First, and most importantly, the decision restores the ability of solar systems paired with storage to qualify under the standard net metering tariff. For the past year, utilities had refused to connect systems with batteries under NEM.

However, the decision includes new requirements. It effectively creates three categories of systems.

1. Storage systems smaller than 10 kW maximum output power can be paired with any size solar system and do not have to install a second meter. The associated solar systems will have to report system production to the utility using internal metering devices to make sure NEM credits are only going to solar output and not battery output.

2. Storage systems larger than 10 kW with maximum power output less than 150% of solar system capacity will have to install a second meter at a cost of up to $600 to make sure NEM credits are only going to solar output and not battery output.

3. Storage systems larger than 10 kW with maximum power output more than 150% of solar system capacity will be on the NEM-MT tariff rather than the standard NEM tariff. In addition to the $600 meter, they will have to pay an application fee of $800 and could potentially be subject to standby charges and distribution system studies and upgrades. They will still get net metering credits for electricity they put on the grid from the solar system.”

This decision opens the way for the Next Big Thing in Solar–Battery Storage and Battery Backup.  It will allow solar customers to use their solar energy when they want.