Solar Power articles covering design and installation of PV systems.

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Coming Soon with Heritage Solar and Sunpower

Homes located in Irvine, El Dorado Hills, and San Diego, CA, will be able to use their own green energy with solar power systems and will be able to store the energy that is created, thanks to Heritage Solar installations and SunPower solar panels.

Solar power is available for homebuyers in many communities, with SunPower’s highly efficient home solar systems being offered for new houses. Heritage Solar, as a Premier SunPower dealer, can easily install these solar panels. Heritage Solar installations allow homes to be completely independent of their electrical provider. Power can be stored, used at night, and is available during power outages.

This new storage of solar power technology is for homeowners and to demonstrate to prospective solar customers how they could use this new technology to take advantage of their high performance SunPower Systems.

Heritage Solar can install SunPower solar panels, allowing homeowners to have access to power even when the grid goes out and allows homeowners to manage their electrical costs and usage. This will help consumers as the demand for solar powered devices or homes want to use electricity at night, when solar isn’t producing power.

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PVWatts Report for Solar Design

Superior Solar Designs–Your Local Sunpower Solar Company

The Heritage Solar Advantage

1. Local Turnkey Solar Design, Sales and Installation

Local Solar Design and Installation Company

One of the Largest Solar Installations in SoCal

Heritage Solar was founded over 6 years ago in with offices in Orange County and San Diego.  Our Solar Design Consultants are highly qualified and will work with you to design a solar system that exceeds your expectations. We employ Solar Engineers to ensure your solar system uses matched components and is capable of meeting/exceeding our Real World Estimates.  We pay careful attention to shading, roof orientation, system losses including voltage drops, and ensure that you get the most energy for your money.

2. Solar Installation Experience

Our installation teams have completed over 600 trouble free photovoltaic systems and are led by highly qualified C-10 Electrical Contractors.

3. Affiliation with Top Solar Distributors and  Solar Manufacturers

Our solar company is one of the largest and most respected dealers for Sunpower  solar.  Sunpower is one of the top solar panel manufacturers in the United States and we combine our expertise with  us to provide the best Solar Panels and Solar Inverters at very competitive prices.

4. Focus on Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Villa Park California Installation

The photovoltaic industry is relatively new and immature. Most Solar Companies advertise years of solar experience but their focus and experience is really with Solar Hot Water. As demand has increased for Solar Photovoltaic Systems, they have begun installing photovoltaic systems with little training or experience. Heritage Solar is and has been focused on Photovoltaic systems for over 5 years and has the Engineering expertise and the Electrical Contractor Experience to provide you with a design installation that will meet or exceed your needs.

5. The C-10 Electrical Contractors License

————-The Gold Standard—————-
Many Solar companies have C-46 Solar licenses which are geared toward Solar Hot water and plumbing and are barely acceptable for Photovoltaic Installations. The C-10 Electrical license is considered the Gold Standard in the industry. Heritage Solar is licensed as a C-10 Electrical Contractor. The Owners, Sales Technicians and installers have extensive experience with the National Electrical Code (NEC). An in depth knowledge of the NEC reduces the risk of your house catching on fire due to poor, improper and/or dangerous installation techniques. Don’t hire a plumber to install high voltage electrical systems. If you want to be safe, hire the best.

6. Real World Estimates of Electrical Output

PVWatts Report for Solar Design

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Heritage Solar provides customers with real world system sizing estimates. Many solar companies will quote you a system output that could only be accomplished under laboratory conditions at the perfect temperature. They neglect to tell you about AC/DC/Diode/Inverter losses as well as losses due to inclination, compass direction, shading and other factors. Get a conservative estimate from Heritage Solar. You won’t be disappointed.

High Efficiency Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar panels and solar components can make a dramatic difference in the time it takes for your solar power system to pay itself off.

The Sunpower 15% Advantage 5% Power Tolerance, 10% Better Power Output

You’ve decided to put Solar on your home or business, now choose the right solar panels for your long term investment

Our solar panels output more power per sq.ft. and have the best high temperature performance of any panel.

All solar panels lose power when they get hot. Sunpower Solar Panels lose less. For example, BP panels lose power 72% faster than Sunpower. This puts BP, Sharp, Evergreen, Kyocera, Solarworld at a great disadvantage.

Hybrid Solar Panel Technology

Heritage Solar provides our customers with the highest power solar panels available on the market at a fair price. A High Efficiency System from Heritage Solar generates up to 30% more power per sq.ft. than many of our competitors.


Efficient Installation


With a High Efficiency System designed by Heritage Solar, you won’t need as large a solar system on your roof. This reduces the number of roof penetrations, reduces the cost of racking materials and reduces the amount of labor required to install the system.

The frames are black anodized aluminum. Unlike many other frames, these are well built and look great in an array on your roof. The silicon cells are manufactured in the United States and assembled in Mexico at an ISO 9001 certified facility so you can count on the quality and reliability of these solar panels.

Power Output Guarantee

Sunpower solar panels have a power output guarantee.  The Sunpower lease also has one of the best power output guarantees on the market.

High Performance Solar Inverters

Heritage Solar uses some of the highest efficiency inverters available. The two top selling inverter lines in California are SMA and Fronius. Heritage Solar specifies these inverters depending on the application. These inverters have an excellent reliability track record which has helped them obtain a leadership position.

If you are looking for a High Efficiency System, contact us today.

Solar Flashing Installation on a Composition Roof

Solar Installation

Flat Concrete Tile Solar Installation

Installation of Solar on Flat Concrete Tile

Heritage Solar’s Installers have experience on all types of solar installations, including commercial flat roof, residential roofs including composite shingles, s-tile or spanish tile and flat tile, clay and wood shake. Note: we typically recommend that clay tile and wood shake be replaced with composite shingles back to the edges of the roof surface where solar panels are to be installed.

Installation of Solar Panels (modules) in Southern California is highly dependent on the type of roof, compass orientation of the roof and inclination of the roof. The ideal roof, for power output, faces due South and is inclined at a 7:12 pitch or 30 degrees. Although this steeper roof is ideal for power output, it is less ideal for solar installation and may require scaffolding and other safety considerations.

Ground Mount Solar Installation

Ground Mount Solar Installation

Ground mounts are very popular if you have a South facing hill or an un shaded area where a South facing ground mount system can be installed. Some solar installation examples can be found at the links below:

Composite Shingles

Concrete S-Tile solar installation

Ground Mount

Clay Tile

Flat Roof

Solar Energy Panels

Solar Energy Panels

Electrical Installation of a Solar Power System is regulated by the National Electrical Code. Heritage Solar is a registered C-10 Electrical Contractor with the State of California. There are 4 types of contractors that are allowed to install Solar Electric Systems in California and they are: 1. General Contractors (B) who are just that, General. 2. Engineering Contractors (A) who are generally focused on earthworks, grading, etc. 3. Solar Contractors (C-46) who are focused on Solar Hot Water Systems. 4. and finally, Electrical Contractors (C-10) who are experts at meeting the requirements of the National Electrical Code.

Ground Mount Solar Installation Survives Wildfire

Ground Mount Solar Installation Survives Wildfire

Our ground mounts are tough. We use schedule 40 pipe so the material won’t relax over time. Why is this important? If the material relaxes, the mounting hardware loosens and the next Santa Ana wind will cause the array to take off like a giant airplane wing. We also use non flammable materials and our arrays have been approved by the fire chiefs of various cities. Notice that some of the homes below our array burned in the most recent fire, but the solar array withstood the heat and smoke. In fact, within days of the fire, the array was generating electricity after a thorough inspection by Heritage Solar Engineers. No maintenance was required.

Solar Flashing Installation on a Composition Roof

Composition Roof Flashings

Call our Expert Installers for a clean, thorough solar installation that exceeds the NEC.

Heritage Solar, your source for expert solar installation.