Solar Installation on a New Composition Roof


Heritage Solar Installation

Heritage Installation on Clay Tile

After crunching all the numbers it was clear that we were going solar.  The only question was, “Who was going to help us get there?”  We talked with about five local installers, got estimates from all five and formal bids from two.  Heritage Solar was so thorough in their process and straightforward about costs, performance, and schedules it was ‘no contest.’  Working with Dennis has been a pleasure the whole way.  The install was flawless – on time, on budget – and the performance of the system has exceeded our expectations, while *very closely* matching Heritage’s performance estimates.  The reduced electricity bills are great but absolute best part is watching the meter go backwards.  We are very glad we made the decision to go with Heritage.

Mission Viejo, CA

Heritage Solar Installation on Concrete Tile

Solar Installation on Concrete Tile

In late 2006 we were looking for a solar system for our house. We attended several of the home shows and spoke with several contractors about installing a system. Many of the contractors never called back. We did not meet Dennis from the home shows, rather from one of his flyers in the Orange County Register. We called Dennis and set up an appointment. Dennis arrived on time; actually I think he was early. Dennis had a very low key presentation, very well prepared, and no pressure. After several days my wife and I decided to have Dennis install a system on our residence. We actually felt that Dennis believed in what he was selling, not just selling a product, as did several of the others we met with. Dennis handled all of the paperwork, The city building permit and with our application to our HOA architectural committee. We agreed on an installation day and time. The electricians that Dennis works with arrived on time and surveyed the site and began the installation. It took about a day and a half to get the system installed, approximately 4 KW’s. The installation was done efficiently, cleanly and on time. We have been very happy with our solar system! I would, and actually have, recommended Dennis to others for solar systems. If you have a chance to work with Dennis we think you would be very happy.

Mark and Vicki
Trabuco Canyon , CA

Ground Mount Solar Installlation in Encinitas

Solar Installation in Encinitas

I have been looking into solar systems for the past several years but couldn’t get it going because of the trenching requirement all the way to the site that I wanted from the meter. Herritage Solar came up with great ideas with the least amount of trenching through the grass, so I signed up with them. Rick Leach did an absolutely fantastic job in completing the solar installation from initial estimation to the final inspection and turn on in the shortest time that I can think of.   They filed all the paper work including the city permits. They used absolutley the finest components at the competitive cost. Now it became my habit to see how much electricity was generated every day. You can use the attached photo in your web site. Thanks again for your great work.


Inverter Installation

Inverter Installation in Placentia, Orange County, CA

Heritage Solar was very professional and straightforward.  No hard sales, no unrealistic promises.  They gave real world estimates of what the system would produce and the system has lived up to those estimates.  They did not make any guarantees that they could not full fill as other companies did.  Such guarantees as being able to eliminate our electric bill, which other companies said, but of course would not put in writing.  Heritage handled the process from start to finish with honesty and professionalism.  Their installers were knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and efficient.  I have nothing but good things to say about the whole process and would recommend them to anyone considering a solar generator.


Solar Installation on a New Composition Roof

Installing Solar Flashings in Irvine

When we started our room addition and house remodel about five months ago, we had an idea of installing the solar power system on top of the new roof. Before we found Heritage Solar, Inc. we had consulted a couple Solar installation companies. I was frustrated with their attitute and their lack of responsiveness. One company needed three weeks to prequalify their client and then 3 more months to start the installation. Then it would take 3 more weeks to complete the installation. The other company needed to interview both me and my wife to make sure we were serious about our comittment with the installation before they became serious to start the process. When we contacted Heritage, the owner of the company immediatedly responded. He then spent time to educate us and provide us with options and alternatives. When we told him that we need to have the system installed ASAP, he presented us with a fast track schedule: They started installing the solar panel support system within a week, with permit pulled. The installation only took a day and a half. Three weeks later (when the roof was completed) the panels were installed with professional installers. We went with the system Heritage Solar recommended which is one of the higher end systems and it works flawlessly.


I can’t thank you and the Heritage Solar installation team enough for the outstanding job you did! My husband and I are so happy with our solar system. I work from home and often find myself wandering out to the garage to check out the inverter to see just how much power we’re generating throughout the day. The system is living up to all of our expectations. We are excited to feel that we are doing a small part to help our beleaguered environment and are grateful to you for helping make this a reality!

Santa Ana