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Going Solar Beats Energy Inflation

Why Solar May Be Right For You

Energy Inflation in America

Worldwide Peak Oil and Gas
With worldwide oil and gas production peaking, globalization adding 1.5 billion people to the global job market, and an expanding middle class in China and India, the math is pretty simple. Flat or decreasing energy supplies combined with increasing demand will drive our energy costs through the roof.

California Energy Inflation

California electricity costs in 1970 were $0.02 per kWh and have risen to around $0.20 per kWh in 2006. This is an average increase of approximately 6% per year. Worldwide supply and demand will increase energy costs above 6% per year. These increases could actually be catastrophic to your future.

The main reasons that Solar Energy might be right for you:

  • Peak Oil and Peak Gas–Will drive energy costs up
  • Energy Demand Increase—China up 14%, India 6%–Will drive energy costs up
  • American Energy Independence–Will reduce the influence of unstable Governments
  • Global Warming—Theory gaining traction and acceptance
  • Technology Innovation—Semiconductor efficiency and reduced cost/watt
  • Need for New Gas Fired Peak Production Power Plants –California pays for solar incentives
  • California Solar Rights Act–Overrides CC&Rs and Homeowners Associations

Protect Your Retirement With Solar


Heritage Solar Home Electric Analysis

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Rising Electricity costs are almost certain in the future.  With the tiered system in California, the highest tiers have been inflating at the greatest rate.  See our Home Energy Tier chart.  When saving for retirement or at least independence in later years, one of the most important investments is protection against rising inflation. Just imagine. Instead of paying $100 per month for electricity and natural gas, you may be paying $1000 per month–$12,000 per year. Using 4% as a conservative number to withdraw from your investment accounts every month at retirement, you would need to save an extra $300,000 before you retire to cover this cost.

If you dream of retiring early, now is the time to consider adding Solar to your house or business to protect you from rising energy costs. If you want to invest in the future and reduce your carbon footprint, Solar is the right choice.

Protect the Environment With Solar

Solar makes a statement. Our clients and customers proudly show off their systems to their neighbors, friends and family.