High Efficiency Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar panels and solar components can make a dramatic difference in the time it takes for your solar power system to pay itself off.

The Sunpower 15% Advantage 5% Power Tolerance, 10% Better Power Output

You’ve decided to put Solar on your home or business, now choose the right solar panels for your long term investment

Our solar panels output more power per sq.ft. and have the best high temperature performance of any panel.

All solar panels lose power when they get hot. Sunpower Solar Panels lose less. For example, BP panels lose power 72% faster than Sunpower. This puts BP, Sharp, Evergreen, Kyocera, Solarworld at a great disadvantage.

Hybrid Solar Panel Technology

Heritage Solar provides our customers with the highest power solar panels available on the market at a fair price. A High Efficiency System from Heritage Solar generates up to 30% more power per sq.ft. than many of our competitors.


Efficient Installation


With a High Efficiency System designed by Heritage Solar, you won’t need as large a solar system on your roof. This reduces the number of roof penetrations, reduces the cost of racking materials and reduces the amount of labor required to install the system.

The frames are black anodized aluminum. Unlike many other frames, these are well built and look great in an array on your roof. The silicon cells are manufactured in the United States and assembled in Mexico at an ISO 9001 certified facility so you can count on the quality and reliability of these solar panels.

Power Output Guarantee

Sunpower solar panels have a power output guarantee.  The Sunpower lease also has one of the best power output guarantees on the market.

High Performance Solar Inverters

Heritage Solar uses some of the highest efficiency inverters available. The two top selling inverter lines in California are SMA and Fronius. Heritage Solar specifies these inverters depending on the application. These inverters have an excellent reliability track record which has helped them obtain a leadership position.

If you are looking for a High Efficiency System, contact us today.