Solar Flashing Installation on a Composition Roof

Solar Installation

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Installation of Solar on Flat Concrete Tile

Heritage Solar’s Installers have experience on all types of solar installations, including commercial flat roof, residential roofs including composite shingles, s-tile or spanish tile and flat tile, clay and wood shake. Note: we typically recommend that clay tile and wood shake be replaced with composite shingles back to the edges of the roof surface where solar panels are to be installed.

Installation of Solar Panels (modules) in Southern California is highly dependent on the type of roof, compass orientation of the roof and inclination of the roof. The ideal roof, for power output, faces due South and is inclined at a 7:12 pitch or 30 degrees. Although this steeper roof is ideal for power output, it is less ideal for solar installation and may require scaffolding and other safety considerations.

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Ground Mount Solar Installation

Ground mounts are very popular if you have a South facing hill or an un shaded area where a South facing ground mount system can be installed. Some solar installation examples can be found at the links below:

Composite Shingles

Concrete S-Tile solar installation

Ground Mount

Clay Tile

Flat Roof

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Solar Energy Panels

Electrical Installation of a Solar Power System is regulated by the National Electrical Code. Heritage Solar is a registered C-10 Electrical Contractor with the State of California. There are 4 types of contractors that are allowed to install Solar Electric Systems in California and they are: 1. General Contractors (B) who are just that, General. 2. Engineering Contractors (A) who are generally focused on earthworks, grading, etc. 3. Solar Contractors (C-46) who are focused on Solar Hot Water Systems. 4. and finally, Electrical Contractors (C-10) who are experts at meeting the requirements of the National Electrical Code.

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Ground Mount Solar Installation Survives Wildfire

Our ground mounts are tough. We use schedule 40 pipe so the material won’t relax over time. Why is this important? If the material relaxes, the mounting hardware loosens and the next Santa Ana wind will cause the array to take off like a giant airplane wing. We also use non flammable materials and our arrays have been approved by the fire chiefs of various cities. Notice that some of the homes below our array burned in the most recent fire, but the solar array withstood the heat and smoke. In fact, within days of the fire, the array was generating electricity after a thorough inspection by Heritage Solar Engineers. No maintenance was required.

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Composition Roof Flashings

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